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Family Photos

Dec 13, 2016 | Family

My wife, Mandy, won a competition for a free family photo shoot from Inspired by Life Photography.  It had been a while since out last family photo, so this was a great opportunity for an update.

I’m not sure what year the last family photo shoot was, but I do remember that our middle child, Bradley, had lost his two front teeth shortly before hand.  So what do you think happened this time?  Our youngest, Karla, lost both her front teeth the week before this shoot!  Oh well, loosing your teeth is a part of growing up.  For Brad and karla, at least their missing front teeth is well documented by a professional photographer!

Samantha from Inspired by Life Photography was fantastic.  Her photography business is new, but is sure to be successful judging by the way she interacted with all of us.  I normally prefer to be behind a camera, but Samantha made me feel comfortable having my photo taken.  She was great with the kids too!

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