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About me and this site

Just a little bit about myself, and the site you're browsing

I'm getting into photography

This is my personal web site and blog, beginning in September 2014 it’s slowly grown as I’ve felt the urge to write.  (I’ve also imported old blog posts from my other sites, so posts earlier than 21.9.14 were originally published on Blogger and imported to WordPress).

My “” domain was actually registered at the start of 2014, without any ideas of what to do with it.  For a while it just had a basic “Blogger” page with a few links, but now that I’ve started to get my head around self-hosted WordPress sites, through the set up of my domain, I’ve moved “” over to WordPress too and merged my other blogs into one.  (Read more on my First Post.)  The site underwent a major overhaul in April 2016, moving to a modern WordPress Theme called “Divi”.

Living in Pakenham, Victoria, I’m married (to Mandy) with three kids (Josh, Brad and Karla) and work in the transport industry.  I’m interested in technology, photography, footy, cricket, cars and now I’m starting to get into internet publishing, thanks to  I also love a good road trip.

I’ve created this personal site to be a place to write about anything I feel like crapping on about.  This isn’t my first foray into web publishing, so there will be links to other sites I’ve created, along with sites I like to visit.

All of this is just a hobby, so I’m not setting any deadlines to blog or update the site with any regularity, but when I’ve got something interesting to share there will be a new post on the home page.

Thanks for visiting


Simon Yeo.