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AFL Womens Teams
AFL Womens Teams (from AFL website / AFL Media)

The AFL announced today the eight teams that will take part in the inaugural Womens League in 2017.  I think this is fantastic!  Back in the day we would have scoffed and said “footy is a man’s game”, but now I reckon it’s great to see the women participating.  No longer will we see teenage girls being told they cant play any more when they get too old to play with the boys.

During the Big Bash Cricket, we went along early to a game to catch a womens match curtain raiser, I’d be more than happy to do the same for the womens football.  The skill level we’ve seen in the AFL demonstration games of womens football has been terrific, hopefully there’s enough talent out there for all eight teams to be competitive.  I wish the womens’ teams every success, hopefully it works out well for the AFL and everyone involved.