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So I thought I’d check out the Apple Keynote held yesterday in California.  Unlike last month’s iPhone launch, this keynote went under the radar with hardly any mention in the media, so I wanted to see what exciting news Apple were announcing.

I’ve got an Apple TV at home, normally used for watching pod-casts, YouTube and iTunes movies, but today I selected the Apple Keynote channel and very quickly got bored hearing about how good the iPhone launch was.  I even fell asleep for a while, waking just in time to the predictable announcement that the new iPad Air 2 is a little bit thinner and a little bit faster with a camera almost as good as the iPhone.  Sorry, no “Wow!” factor there, I guess I’ll hang onto my three year old iPad 2, even if it is slowing down with the bloated iOS8 operating software.  There’s also a new iPad Mini 3, which is really more of the same, so I’ll also be hanging onto my two year old original iPad Mini too.  Both new iPad did get the Touch-id fingerprint scanner, which isn’t really an issue for me.

Apple also announced a new iMac with a super high resolution monitor (they’ve called it “5K”), it’s very nice, but I could never justify $3000 (in Australia) for a computer that cant really be upgraded.  Overdue incremental changes to the Mac Mini were announced too, but I will be sticking with my homebrew computer.

Interestingly, as I write this 18 hours after the keynote, the Apple Store is offline again for “upgrades”.  The site was updated with the keynote, so I wonder what they’re up to now?!  Maybe, like me, they’ve fallen asleep with boredom.

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