Karla’s Lego video

Karla was excited to pick up her latest Lego project.  The “Friends” kit, featuring a Lego ferris-wheel and rollercoaster, had been on lay-buy at the local toy brick store (“I’m Rick James Bricks” in Pakenham) for some time.  Karla decided to use some of her birthday money to pay it off and get it home so she could start building.

Making a Lego video

We decided to make a video about this Lego project for Karla’s YouTube channel. I was going to set up a time lapse, but decided to film the construction at normal speed, so when it came to the edit I could insert interesting bits amongst the fast motion.  By the time Karla had finished putting all the Lego bits together, we’d shot over seven hours of video!  Some how I managed to squeeze most of that into less than 14 minutes, including a couple of minutes from the shop and in the car.

Check out the video below showing a very determined 8 year old building her favourite Lego kit.

The YouTube bug

In my previous blog post, I talked about making YouTube videos with my daughter.  Now I think I’ve got the YouTube bug!

Making videos

Karla and I have started a video series on her YouTube channel of playground reviews, which have been a lot of fun for both of us to film.  I’ve also enjoyed editing them together in iMovie on my MacBook Pro.  We’ve got a few more ideas on the drawing board for future videos for her channel, but I’ve also started thinking about my YouTube channel, which has been the family YouTube account since 2009.

I’ve just put together a couple of unboxing videos, featuring my wife’s new iPad, and my new MacBook Pro, to feature on my channel.  Unlike some boring unboxing videos you often find online, I’ve tried to keep mine interesting by keeping them short (2 minutes) and adding music.  Any tedious parts of the unboxings were edited out or sped up.  Still pictures have been inserted to break up the single camera angle of the video.

I didn’t know what I was going to do with the unboxing videos when I shot them, but in the end I’m happy with how the edits turned out.

Check out the videos below, and as YouTubers say, don’t forget to “Like” and “Subscribe”!


Coincidence, a new Mack and a new Mac

I’ve just realised the coincidence about my last two blog posts, a new Mack truck and a new Mac computer.  The common name was purely accidental.

The big difference is that the Mack truck was on loan for a couple of days for work, the Mac laptop (Apple MacBook Pro) is mine to accomodate my photography and blogging hobbies.

Mack Superliner with a load of roller-doors
Macbook Pro box in the shipping box.

My other blog was hacked

Vic Pics blog hacked

My other blog, Vic.Pics, was hacked!
Luckily it wasn’t too bad.  Thankfully I have regular automatic WordPress back-ups to restore from.

I’d logged into the site’s Dashboard and installed some updates, I then clicked on “Visit Site” for a quick look before I started working on the next post.  I was shocked to see that the most recent post title had been changed to “hacked by NG689Skw”.  Clicking on the post revealed that the text and image had been deleted.

I had been using two factor authentication, where I needed my phone to log-in, so how had NG689Skw access my WordPress install?  Checking my settings revealed that my admin password hadn’t been disabled.  Doh!

My hosting provider, Crazy Domains, offers automatic back-up of WordPress installs, so I was easily able to roll-back the site to the previous back-up.  The next step was to try to prevent any further un-authorised access, so I also updated my settings, removing all password log-in methods.

The moral of this story is to ensure is to have back-ups of everything and use two factor authentication for your log-in.  Make sure you disable the legacy settings, so a password cannot be used to log-in.  That way you can spend more of your time writing and publishing.


This post contains affiliate links to my host provider, Crazy Domains.