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Politicians aren’t always truthful

This might not be a newsflash, but politicians don’t always tell us the truth.  Sometimes they might be ignorant of an issue and ad-lib to a journalist’s question.  Other times they might make an honest statement, or election promise, but due to changing circumstances turns out to be no longer the truth.  Then there’s the times politicians blatantly lie, spinning untruths to get their own way.

The Gawker website recently wrote that CNN have used onscreen graphics to highlight the lies of US Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump.  Good on them I reckon!  Media organisations shouldn’t be afraid to tell the public when someone is trying to pull the wool over their eyes.  To keep these public figures in check takes a lot of archive and research resources, but I believe it to be a vital responsibility of news organisations to ensure we now the truth.

CNN screenshot, graphic says Trump telling a lie.

CNN screenshot, graphics highlight Trump untruths

Here in Australia we are in the middle of a federal election campaign, so the politicians are tripping over themselves to get in-front of a camera or microphone to promote themselves and their political party.  I find it terribly frustrating that all we often hear from these candidates is woffle, they get air time or newspaper space without saying too much at all.

In my suburb of Pakenham (in Melbourne’s outer east) we’ve recently got NBN broadband, so the politicians have been quick to spruik the benefits of higher speed internet to local business and residents.  The Minister for Communications, Mitch Field, was at a photo opportunity this week, but what he was quoted as saying to the local newspaper shows he was either pulling figures and phrases out of thin air, or he is technically ignorant of some basic parameters of this major communications infrastructure project.  Ignorant comments may not be deliberate lies, but can still be misleading untruths,  Assuming the minister has been quoted correctly, this is unacceptable from the Minister of Communications.

Your tax dollars at work #LibSpill

So our polititians in Canberra, well those in government at least, have stopped governing and started in-fighting about who should be leader of the Liberal party, and ultimately Prime Minister of Australia.  Malcolm Turnbull has resigned from cabinet, and his position as Communication Minister, to challenge PM Tony Abbott.

It’s really sad that our highly paid polititans just look like school boys fighting over who is the toughest kid in the school yard.  If there is a change of Prime Minister, I imagine the cost to tax payers would be enormous.

Speaking of tax dollars, the news coverage of the Liberal leadership spill by our national broadcaster, the ABC, on their 24 hour news channel (News24 on digital FTA channel 24) is terrific.  Keeping the Australian public informed on important breaking news like this good use of our tax dollars.


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UPDATE: Australia has a new Prime Minister…

Sick of the election BS

So Victorians vote this Saturday to choose the state government for the next four years.  Thank goodness for that!  I’m sick of hearing about it.

Almost every day, both major parties are announcing new policies and promises.  Have we heard how they’re going to pay for everything, or is that not important?

What really annoys me though, is the adds on TV and radio, constantly telling us how bad the other mob is.  If you’re going to spend mega bucks on advertising, tell me what you’re going to do, how you’re going to fix the problems and how you’re going to pay for it.  I doubt anyone really cares what you have to say about your opponent, and what ever you say we take with a grain of salt anyway.  By the way, who is paying for all the election advertising?

What ever you do Victoria, make your vote count.  Drawing a rude picture of male genitalia on the ballot paper doesn’t send a message to anyone.  Spend at least a few minutes researching who you think are the better candidates and read the instruction on how to make your vote count.

If you’re lucky, your polling place will even have a sausage sizzle out the front.