Channel 7 Game Day TV audience

This morning my wife and two youngest kids went into Melbourne Docklands to be in the audience of Channel 7’s live Sunday morning TV panel show, “Game Day”.  The show is all about AFL football with special guests from various clubs.

We support the Essendon Football Club, and this morning one of their players, Ryan Crowley, was on the show.  Channel 7 encourage audience members to dress up in their footy gear.  During one of the commercial breaks Mandy and Brad got their Essendon tops autographed by Crowley, who was also nice enough to give us a couple of photos too.

I like seeing the behind the scenes stuff you see in a TV studio, with all the cameras and equipment that you rarely see watching at home.  I’m also amazed at how cool and professional these footballers are when they should be attending recovery sessions with their team mates after big games the day before.

If you’ve never been in the audience of a TV show, I highly recommend it.  If you’re an AFL fan, then get onto Channel 7 for tickets to their Game Day show on Sunday mornings.

Bombers win, nobody tipped it

I’ve been a supporter of the Essendon Football Club (Bombers) in the AFL for as long as I can remember (even when it was called the VFL).  I went along to the MCG today to see the team take on the Melbourne Football Club (Demons) with my wife and younger son, but I wasn’t really expecting a win.  The Bombers have half the side suspended for the year on dodgy drugs charges, and the Demons have been performing really well so far this year.  To everyone’s surprise, and despite some inaccurate kicking, Essendon led at every interval and came away with the win.

Well done boys!

Match Report –

2015 Bathurst 1000

I love V8Supercars, the premier Australian touring car category, but haven’t been able to watch much of the action this year – until today.  The 1000km race at Mt Panorama, Bathurst, is the biggest race of the year and I’ve always made sure I can be in front of a TV to enjoy the race.  Whether its at a BBQ with mates or sitting at home, I’ve only missed one race since 1977 (when I was overseas in 2006).

Whilst my 15 year old son (Josh) has no interest in motor sports, I spent the day watching the big race at home with my 12 year old son (Brad).  Even my 6 year old daughter (Karla) showed some interest and declared she wants to go to a race track and watch the cars “in real life”!

The coverage was good this year, the first year of the Foxtel / Network Ten joint TV rights deal.  We watched on Foxtel, which meant High-Definition pictures and fewer ads.  Even when Fox Sports did run commercials, they continued the coverage with picture-in-picture so viewers didn’t miss the action.

I may have become one of those armchair experts who only watches one or two V8Supercars meets a year, but I certainly enjoyed watching the race today, and I may have even sparked an interest in motor racing with my two youngest kids.

Congratulations to one of my favorite drivers, Craig Lowndes, score his sixth Bathurst 1000 victory with co-driver Steven Richards.

Winning 888 Commodore, 2015 Bathurst 1000, driven by Craig Lowndes and Steven Richards

Winning 888 Commodore, 2015 Bathurst 1000.

Craig Lowndes and Steven Richards hold the Peter Brock Trophy at Bathurst 2015


2015 Bathurst 1000 results - website screenshot

2015 Bathurst 1000 results

Images from FoxSports TV coverage and V8Supercars website.

Kick to Kick at Etihad

I took 12 year old Brad to the footy on the weekend at Etihad Stadium.  It was great to see Essendon get a win, and it’s also great that the AFL have re-introduced kick to kick on the ground after the match.  The smile on Brad’s face says it all!

Brad ended up loosing his football in the huge crowd on the ground, and I copped a couple of footys in the head, but it was good fun.  Well done AFL.

Brad enjoying kick to kick at Melbourne's Etihad Stadium after the AFL footy match

Brad enjoying kick to kick at Etihad