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This morning my wife and two youngest kids went into Melbourne Docklands to be in the audience of Channel 7’s live Sunday morning TV panel show, “Game Day”.  The show is all about AFL football with special guests from various clubs.

We support the Essendon Football Club, and this morning one of their players, Ryan Crowley, was on the show.  Channel 7 encourage audience members to dress up in their footy gear.  During one of the commercial breaks Mandy and Brad got their Essendon tops autographed by Crowley, who was also nice enough to give us a couple of photos too.

I like seeing the behind the scenes stuff you see in a TV studio, with all the cameras and equipment that you rarely see watching at home.  I’m also amazed at how cool and professional these footballers are when they should be attending recovery sessions with their team mates after big games the day before.

If you’ve never been in the audience of a TV show, I highly recommend it.  If you’re an AFL fan, then get onto Channel 7 for tickets to their Game Day show on Sunday mornings.