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After dinner tonight we decided to have a family movie night, so after browsing the AppleTV iTunes menu we decided on Chef, starring, written and directed by Jon Favreau.  The trailer showed the movie to be a family friendly and funny movie.  We weren’t disappointed, my wife, three kids and I all enjoyed Chef.

The story shows the frustrations of a hard working restaurant chef feeling the pressure from a food blogger critic, and the restaurant owner.  After an argument with the owner he walks out.  To cut a long story short (and not ruin the storyline for those planning to catch this movie), our hero ends up with a mobile food van, and through the powers of social media and good food, builds up a successful venture.  Along the way the story features modern day issues such as divorced parenting, busy lifestyles, tech savvy kids the power of the internet and social media (Twitter featured heavily).

Some “family friendly” movies can actually become a bit boring as the story drags on, but it was easy to stay engaged with Chef thanks to some good music, yummy looking food and big name cameo appearances.

If you’re looking for a movie that’s easy to watch for the whole family, then you could do a lot worse than Chef.

Chef movie on iTunes

Chef – We rented the movie from iTunes and watched via Apple TV.

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