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iPhone panoram of Melbourne Cricket Ground during the Cricket World Cup

MCG during the ICC Word Cup of Cricket

Eleven year old Bradley and myself were part of an almost capacity crowd at the MCG for Australia’s opening match of the Cricket World Cup.

It was really interesting to see all the changes made by the ICC, as they took over the ground for the tournament – corporate colours through out, smaller playing area to allow for electronic signage on the grass and even flame throwers to excite the crowd even more when there’s a big hit or wicket.  (Very different to when we were there for the Boxing Day Test match.)

Aussie supporters and flame throwers at the MCG during the ICC Cricket World Cup

Aussie supporters and flame throwers

It was a great game, with Australia winning, but during the first innings the sun was so hot and burning, we were watching the shadow line almost as much as the game, and were so relieved when that big orange ball in the sky finally fell below the grandstand.

UPDATE: Australia went on to win the series, becoming World Cup Champions!