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A couple of weeks ago, I told you how I’d discovered the view overlooking the Flinders Pier.  I was working at the time, and could only snap a few pics with my iPhone.  Yesterday I went back to Flinders with my DSLR and tri-pod in the hope of capturing the sunrise from the same vantage point.

My son and I arrived at Flinders around 5:45AM.  From the cliff top we used the “Star Map” iPhone app to work out where on the horizon the Sun would rise.  I was a little disappointed to find that I wouldn’t be able to get the Sun and the pier in the same shot from that location, so we went exploring (in the dark) looking for a better spot, and ended up down at beach level where the pier would be just to the left in my photos to the rising sun.

As the sky started to get brighter, I realised my sunset/sunrise curse had returned – clouds on the horizon.  This was despite a clear, star filled, sky overhead.  As dawn approached, more clouds started rolling across from the west to meet those on the eastern horizon.

I only knew the Sun had risen by checking the time, as it was completely obscured by the thick clouds on the horizon, with hardy a hint of pink in the sky.  Despite the clouds, I kept shooting anyway, and managed to get a few good pictures.  I then put the tri-pod away and we went for a walk along the pier for a few more pics.

Check out the gallery here… 

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