Who knew we had a 4 year old ballerina living with us!I’ve said it before, your best camera is the one you have with you.  If that happens to be your DSLR with a suitable lens attached, then great – you should get a fantastic shot.  However, if the good camera is tucked away in the camera bag, which is in a cupboard at the other end of the house, when your 4 year old daughter does a beautiful ballerina twirl as she comes to say “goodnight”, then (like most parents) I simply pull the iPhone out of my pocket and snap away. 
Sure I could have gone and got my Nikon, changed lenses, thought about my ISO, shutter and aperture settings, but the moment would have been lost.  Apple make it easy too; one swipe to unlock, then hold your finger on the shutter for 10 frames per second.  Yes this picture has some “noise” or “grain” to it, (thanks to the phone upping the ISO to compensate for low light) but the important thing is the moment has been captured – within a few seconds of it presenting its self in front of me.
So it doesn’t matter how much expensive camera gear you own, don’t be afraid to be like most of the population these days, and pull out your camera phone to capture that happy snap. 


This post was originally published on simonsphotoblog.com