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Driving again

Aug 2, 2016 | Cars, Personal

I’ve finally been given the OK to drive again. Following my surgery two weeks ago I haven’t been allowed to drive, but my surgeon said today I should be able to get behind the wheel again.

I love driving, I drive for leisure and I drive for work, so I’ve certainly missed being on the road. ┬áMy car isn’t anything special, it’s an old Mazda with over 300,000km on the clock, but seeing the brake discs getting rustier everyday just made more frustrated.

So with the all clear to drive today, it was time to go for a spin. There was nowhere I had to be, so I told my wife I was just going “around the block”, which ended up being from Pakenham to Nar Nar Goon and back. Taking it easy to start with, to get the automotive fluids flowing through the car for the first time in two weeks, and the driving juices flowing through my veins again.

Normally a quick 20 minute drive, down the highway and back the freeway, would be nothing to speak of, but I really enjoyed going for a spin today.

Rusty brake discs.

Rusty Brake Disc

Normally shiny like a mirror, brakes go rusty when not used.

Manual 5 Speed box

5 Speed Gear Box

I love driving a manual car (but prefer an auto in trucks)