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I wrote the other day that I’d chosen a new WordPress theme for this site, my personal website and blog.  As much as I liked the ColorMag theme for my Vic Pics photography site, it really wasn’t suitable for my personal blog.  It’s amazing how slightly different content can make or brake whether or not a website design works.

The trouble with trying to choose a WordPress theme is that there are so many to choose from, and so many developers writing themes who all do things slightly differently.  The “demo” sites might look ok, but when installed on my site, showing my photos and other content, it doesn’t work.  Many demo pages use pictures of all the same ratio, such as 16:9, but mix things up with some square or 4:3 pictures and the whole site is out of whack.

Other theme designers have hard to follow dashboard or menu options.  Some don’t even include basic features such as full-width options or the ability to hide feature images.

All you can do is choose a theme by trial and error.  Eventually I chose this theme called News-Achor, I hope you like it!

UPDATE 11 Oct 2015:
The News Achor theme wasn’t really working out, so I’ve gone back and tweaked the ColorMag Theme.

NewsAnchor WordPress Theme for my personal website and blog

A new look to my personal website and blog

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Trialling various WordPress Themes