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Screenshot of my Flickr photostream page

Screenshot of my Flickr page

For many years I was in love with Flickr, the Yahoo! owned photo sharing site.  Uploading and sharing thousands of photos as my interest in photography grew (along with my children and photos of them).

During 2013 and 2014 Yahoo! made some horrible changes to the site, frustrating many long term users – including myself.  Eventually I gave up on Flickr late last year, I tried some alternatives but ended up creating my own photo site through SmugMug  – which intern led me to create Vic Pics.

This week Flickr have announced some major improvements to their service, so I might have to re-think my opinion of Flickr.  There’s certainly a great photography community on the site and some really, really good photographers show casing their work.  I may re-publish some of my Vic Pics photography onto Flickr with links back to the blog and gallery, which in turn might increase traffic to my sites.  Stay tuned!

screenshot of Flickr Blog announcing changes

Flickr Blog announcing changes


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