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Today I’ve managed to import posts from my Photo Blog – (published on Google’s Blogger) over to this WordPress site you’re reading now.  All of the tags used in Blogger come across to WordPress as Categories, but thankfully there’s an easy tool to switch them over to tags.  All of those imported posts now have their own category – “Post Imported from Blogger“.

The Blogger to WordPress import process does do some funny things to photos, creating a feature image at the top of the post, but leaving a slightly blurred copy of the same picture within the post.  Apart from that, the import process was pretty painless, so I’ll retire the dedicated photo blog and future photography ramblings will now be published here.


UPDATE: October 7

I’ve now also imported blog posts to here from my older blog – (also originally published on Google’s Blogger).


UPDATE: October 12

I’ve been through those imported blog post and tidied them up so pictures are not duplicated and links are correct.