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Karla’s Lego video

Apr 25, 2017 | online publishing

Karla was excited to pick up her latest Lego project.  The “Friends” kit, featuring a Lego ferris-wheel and rollercoaster, had been on lay-buy at the local toy brick store (“I’m Rick James Bricks” in Pakenham) for some time.  Karla decided to use some of her birthday money to pay it off and get it home so she could start building.

Making a Lego video

We decided to make a video about this Lego project for Karla’s YouTube channel. I was going to set up a time lapse, but decided to film the construction at normal speed, so when it came to the edit I could insert interesting bits amongst the fast motion.  By the time Karla had finished putting all the Lego bits together, we’d shot over seven hours of video!  Some how I managed to squeeze most of that into less than 14 minutes, including a couple of minutes from the shop and in the car.

Check out the video below showing a very determined 8 year old building her favourite Lego kit.