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Karla – “I want to be an artist”

High Five – Hand Painting

Five year old Karla announced that she wants to be an artist, and asked to do some painting outside.  I was happy to let her do this, as it would keep her busy for a couple of hours.  The only proviso was that she put on a smock, and not make a mess.  I didn’t expect the second instruction to be adheared to, but she actually didn’t do too badly.

After painting a couple of pages with a brush, Karla said she was going to do a hand painting.  I had to laugh when I realised that this actually meant painting her hand, before making an imprint by placing that hand on the paper.

After she’d packed up and her paintings had dried, my little artist had to display her work.  We cleared the dining table and Karla spread out her paintings (and a drawing done while waiting for the paint to dry) while I stood on a chair to take a photo with my phone.

Karla the artist displays her work

The three photos above are from my Instagram account.