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7 yr old Karla's self portrait drawing

This is just a quick post this morning to show off my seven year old daughter’s drawing.

Sure, I’m a biased parent, but Karla is turning into a very good little artist.  She loves painting and colouring, but even with just a black pen I’m amazed at the detail she can put into her work.

This drawing is a self portrait she did of herself in her school uniform with her hair brushed straight.  She’s even done a talk bubble, showing herself saying “hie” (which is supposed to be “hi”, but she’s still working on her spelling).

When we go out, Karla will often ask our host for paper and something to draw with.  Drawing is becoming her “thing”.

Karla’s is always showing me her latest art work, and asks me to take a photo of it, so I might look at putting together some sort of gallery to look back on in years to come.  Her oldest brother, Josh, was also pretty good at drawing, but we didn’t save much of his work, and I don’t want to make the same mistake with Karla.