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Over the years I’ve tried photographing the moon a few times, but never with too much success.  My kit zoom lens seems to show too many distortions with the bright moon against a dark sky.  This week was the first of two Lunar Eclipses for 2014 (the next is October 8th) and I could see it in full eclipse (called Umbra) just after Moon Rise as I drove home from work.

As soon as I was home, I grabbed the DSLR and tri-pod.  As it was just after Sunset, the sky wasn’t too dark, so I could still get away with a short-ish exposure.  I ended up with plenty of shaky or out of focus shots, but a couple of good ones too.

Not too bad, I thought, from the front of my house within five minutes of getting home from work.  I might have to put in a bit more effort for the next “Red Moon” in October.

Lunar Eclipse, as seen from Pakenham.

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