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I told you in a post yesterday that I’ve joined SmugMug to show and share my photos because of my frustration with Flickr.

The trouble with moving to a new photo sharing service, is the 6000 odd photos on Flickr that I’d like available to be available on SmugMug – without having to re-upload them (which would take forever!)

Like most things these days – there’s an app for that!  Well more accurately there’s a Firefox Add-on, called “Smugglr” that will transfer original files from Flickr to SmugMug.  I did get a little worried when the SmuggLr website didn’t seem to exist anymore, but a bit of hunting around in my Firefox Tools menu and I worked out how to get SmuggLr running.  It’s really very easy, enter my Flickr and SmugMug details, tick a couple of boxes, and away it goes!

In the time it’s taken to write this post, SmuggLr has already transferred over 2000 photos.  I’m getting real close to my new photo site being just the way I’d like it


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