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Pete’s Dragon

Sep 23, 2016 | Movies

Pete's Dragon movie poster



It’s school holidays at the moment so I took my two youngest kids to the movies this week.  Sometimes kids movies can have the grown ups in the theatre bored and hanging out for the film to end.  Not so Pete’s Dragon.

We’ve seen stories before that have kids lost in the jungle or forest raised by wild animals, but in this case a child orphaned in the forest when his parent’s are killed in a car crash is raised by a dragon.  Not just any old dragon either, this is a magic flying dragon.

This is a Disney movie, so it is very well made.  The CGI animation that brings this green hairy dragon to life is very believable, even when it’s splashing around in a river.  The story is missing an explanation on how a tranquilised sleeping mega tonne dragon is moved from the middle of the forest onto a semi-trailer, but otherwise this movie has a believable fantasy storyline.  If you’re the emotional type, you might even shed a tear (not that I’d know anything about that).

I give Pete’s Dragon a thumbs up as a family movie, suitable for all ages.