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A week and a half since plugging in our new NBN compatable modem, supplied free by Telstra, we were finally switched over to the new National Broadband Network (NBN) today.  I’ll admit to being a little bit excited at finally getting faster internet, even though I knew it wouldn’t be super-fast, because we’ve only been connected via FTTN (Fibre to the Node – a cabinet on the street that utilises existing copper wire for the final link in the broadband connection) rather than FTTP (Fibre to the Premises – fibre optic cables all the way to your house).

I completed a few internet speed tests tonight using and saw the download speed vary considerably, the best only slightly faster than the ADSL2+ speeds we used to see.  The big improvement has been the upload speed, which used to be around 0.7Mb/s, and now more than 4.7Mb/s.  For someone like me who uploads a lot of hi-res photos, and a few videos, as well as backing up all my files to CrashPlan and/or OneDrive clouds, this big improvement to upload speeds is my highlight of the NBN.

We haven’t signed up to any new plan with Telstra.  I see that some providers quote different internet speeds, depending on your plan. Our existing contract was for “fastest possible” ADSL2+, so I’m assuming Telstra have rolled over the same “fastest possible” deal with the new NBN connection.

As a bonus, our “landline” home phone is a lot clearer now.  Despite trying many different ADSL filters, we used to always have noise on the line, now its crystal clear.


Update June 12;

I was able to negotiate a better deal with Telsta to get faster NBN speeds.
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