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Well here we are with my new “SimonSays” blog.

I’ve always liked the concept of blogs, allowing anyone to publish their ramblings to the world. I experimented a while back using both WordPress and Google’s Blogger ( Even though I usually didn’t have too much too say, using WordPress and then Blogger allowed me to learn about blogging and to choose a platform.

Recently I switched my primary email to Gmail, but signed up with Google apps to use a custom domain ( rather than . Having the new domain available, has now motivated me to start this new blog. I’m sticking with Blogger (mainly to keep as much of my online stuff within my Google account), but am obviously making a fresh start and not importing my old posts. Links to my old blogs are below. and


UPDATE 26 SEPTEMBER 2009: I’ve imported my old blog entries, so anything appearing below this post was originally posted on my earlier blog.

UPDATE 12 OCTOBER 2014: This blog post was originally posted to and imported to my new self hosted WordPress blog at in October 2014.