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I’ve shut down my photo site

Nov 27, 2016 | online publishing

URL of screenshot

For over two years I’ve had a dedicated personal photo website.  It had the unimaginative name of “Simon’s Photo Site” with the URL of  I haven’t used it much lately, but it was still costing me to keep it online, so when both the hosting and domain registration renewals arrived this month I decided it was time to end that project.

Since 2007 I’d shared much of my photography on Flickr (the free photo sharing site from YAHOO!).  Flickr was going through a lot of changes in 2014, upsetting many users, including myself, so I decided to look elsewhere.  I really liked what SmugMug was offering – a highly customisable personal site, with unlimited storage of full resolution photos and videos with a custom domain name.  I tinkered with Simon’s Photo Site for months, learning the SmugMug user features as I went, but once I was happy with the layout, I didn’t use it much more after that.  Sure it had hundreds of photos proudly displaying online, but it turned out to be more of a novelty.

After learning so much about SmugMug, I opened another account with them to host photos for my Vic Pics project.  Which now meant I was paying for two SmugMug services.  I couldn’t justify to myself paying for two accounts, so I decided to shut down the personal site.  The Vic Pics Gallery survives as the host and market site (by SmugMug) for my Vic Pics blog (which admittedly I have neglected recently, but plan to start spending time on again soon.)

Some pages from can still be viewed on the Internet Way Back Machine.  The domain name registration has expired, but for now is re-directing to the Family Gallery page of this blog.

I may explore other options for a personal gallery in the future, such as 500px or the free options included with my Adobe Creative subscription.  Meanwhile, I have continued to post a few pictures onto Flickr –  

Below is a couple of screenshots from Simon’s Photo Site before it went off line. 

Simon's Photo Site homepage screenshot