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This week my youngest child, and only daughter, Karla, had her 5th birthday.  Yesterday we had a party for the kids at the local play centre in the morning, followed by a family get-together in the afternoon.

Like most parents at their kid’s milestones, I had the good camera close by to capture those moments.  The trouble with kids is that they don’t stay still for very long, in fact (fuelled by red cordial and chocolate cake) they are running around in a blur most of the time, which is really hard to capture in a low light indoor environment.  I tried the Nikon’s “Sports” mode, both “Auto” modes, both Shutter and Aperture Priority modes and higher than normal ISO settings, but just couldn’t seem to find the sweet spot of a sharp picture that wasn’t under exposed.  Switching to the wider aperture (F2.8) of the 40mm Micro lens made it a little easier, but being locked into 40mm presented new problems of framing the kids in shot.

It just goes to show, I still have a lot of learning, experimenting, and experience to achieve before I can call myself a reasonable photographer.

Karla at her 5th birthday party

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