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A new smile

Karla Yeo, new smile after loosing first tooth

Karla shows off her new smile after loosing her first tooth.

My little girl is growing up!  Just a couple of weeks before her 7th birthday, Karla has lost her first tooth.  Like her two older brothers, she was late getting her teeth, and now late loosing them.  This lower front tooth has been loose for a little while, but she was scared to wriggle it too much.  Eventually nature took its course and the tooth popped out by its self.

Unfortunately I was away overnight with work, so Karla asked her Mum to write a letter to the Tooth Fairy to postpone collection and payment for an extra day so she could show me the tooth!  When I came home Karla was very excited to show me the tooth, and how she could now squeeze the end of her tongue through the new gap between her teeth.  That night the Tooth Fairy completed the transaction and Karla is $2 richer.

Today Karla has reported another wriggly tooth!  The Tooth Fairy better stock up on gold coins.