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Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Movie Poster - Hunt for the Wilderpeople

I took my 13 year old son, Brad, to the movies today and let him choose what we saw.  Brad said he had seen the trailer for Hunt for the Wilderpeople and he’d really like to see it.  I’d never heard of this movie and didn’t know anything about it, but I’m really glad Brad chose it.  This isn’t a Hollywood flick, so it’s very different to many mainstream movies, but that can be refreshing.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople was filmed in New Zealand, with some actors having a strong Kiwi accent.  (My wife is from NZ, so that twang is nothing new…eh bro!)  The story centres around an orphan kid, called Ricky, who is placed with foster parents living on a remote property.  He forms a good relationship with his foster Mum, but when she dies Ricky runs away into the bush.  His foster Dad gets injured trying to bring him home and they end spending weeks in the bush.

When they see a “Missing / Wanted” poster for themselves, the old man thinks he’s in trouble and Ricky doesn’t want to go back into government care, so they spend months evading those looking for them, and form an amazing relationship.
Ricky calls themselves the “Wilderpeople”, roaming for thousands of miles like the wilderbeast of the jungle.

Even though I said this isn’t a Hollywood style movie, this climax is a giant car chase, reminiscent of many blockbusters, as our heroes try to escape in and old ute borrowed from a hermit they met called “Crazy Sam”.

Brad and I both enjoyed Hunt for the Wilderpeople and recommend it to all but the youngest audience (it’s rated PG).
It’s also got good reviews online; an IMDb review calls it “Hugely enjoyable comedy adventure with serious undertones” and Rotten Tomatoes gives it a “100% fresh” rating.  At 101 minutes, this movie could have been a little shorter, but we loved it.

Smarty pants Brad

Still from "That's Good for Footy" show, Brad Yeo gets 10 from 10 Essendon trivia questions correct.

I’ve just found this YouTube video of my 12 year old son on a football show, getting all ten trivia questions correct about our favorite AFL team, Essendon.

Brad is on for a couple of minutes from the 30min 33sec mark.  Behind him on the panel, keeping score, is Essendon star Dyson Heppell and Travis Cloke from Collingwood.

The show, That’s Good for Footy, was recorded the week prior to the Collingwood V Essendon ANZAC Day clash, it went to air on community station C31.

The kids

As the kids get older, it’s getting harder to get them all out of the house, together, at the same place, at the same time.  Last Saturday we were on our way to my parents in Mornington and detoured to Frankston waterfront, so I could take some photos for Vic Pics, and managed to get a few pics of the kids as well.

I even managed to get all three kids to line up for a group photo!  If I’d planned the shot better they would have been facing the other way, towards the sun.  The built in Nikon flash didn’t help much, bat at least I could get rid of the shadows in Adobe Lightroom.  If only I could get the boys to smile…

Karla, Brad and Josh Yeo

Karla, Brad and Josh

Road trip to Bathurst, Sydney, Canberra with Brad

Only a couple of weeks after a father-son road trip with my Dad to say goodbye to Uncle Bob in Queensland, the Easter long weekend was time for another father-son road trip with my boy Brad.  We drove to Sydney to see the Essendon Bombers take on Sydney Swans in the opening round of the AFL.

We took a minor (250km) detour to Bathurst on the way to meet up with my cousin Danny from Queensland, he’s involved with a car that was racing at Mount Panorama that weekend.  I don’t like the drive between Bathurst and Sydney, this time it was worse as the fog and rain came across the Blue Mountains.

The footy game was on Saturday night, so earlier in the day I thought we’d go for a drive in and around Sydney, just for a look.  Unfortunately  we didn’t see much except lots of rain, rain and more rain.  We did drive across the Sydney Harbour Bridge a couple of times and ended up at Manly Beach, but didn’t even get out of the car because the rain just didn’t stop.

At ANZ Stadium that night for the footy, the rain had eased off to a drizzle, but was still constant.  After a terrific start in the game, Essendon ran out of puff in the last quarter and lost to Sydney.

The Sun was actually shining on Sunday morning as we headed off towards Canberra.  Once in the capital that afternoon we visited the Royal Australian Mint to see where all our coins are made, and then to the Australian War Memorial.

Monday morning the rain had returned and it was time to start heading towards home, but on the way we visited the NASA Deep Space Tracking Station at Tidbinbilla (south of Canberra).  After checking out the radio telescopes we headed through Cooma, Gippsland and home to Pakenham – just over 4000km for the weekend.

Bradley at the Royal Australian Mint in Canberra

Brad looking for free samples at the mint!