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Wanna be truckies

So you drive a diesel powered SUV, 4WD or ute, good for you!  Despite the diesel go-go juice, you don’t drive a truck.  Modern servos have diesel pumps available at most of the car bowsers, so I don’t understand why some drivers of diesel cars (yep, your SUV, 4WD or ute is still only classified as a car) insist on fueling up at the truck pumps.

Diesel powered cars fueling at the truck bowsers.

These ute drivers think they’re in a truck.

Maybe it’s the high-flow pump, designed to allow real truckies to fill over 500 litres in only a few minutes?  For a car that means 50 litres takes seconds instead of minutes, are people really that time poor?

Yesterday I was waiting for two utes in the “Trucks Only” bay, when a third ute reversed in front of me (the white Ford in the picture above) to get to the high-flow pump instead of the car bowsers that were free a few bays over.  I could have got out and told him what I thought, instead I just moved forward more so he had to reverse out as well.  He did get a dirty look from me though, so he knew he was in the wrong.  He was only a young kid (in a brand new Ford Ranger!) so hopefully he wont be so rude and selfish again.

New Car for Mandy

Picking up our new Kia Rondo

Collecting our new car

I’ve made a short post on our family website already, but I’ll mention it here as well…

We’ve bought a new car, a brand new car, a Kia Rondo.

My wife, Mandy, has been wanting a seven seat car for some time now.  With three kids, if we went out anywhere as a family either in her Falcon wagon, or my Mazda, then all of the seats would be full.  There was no room for friends or family to tag along.  We weren’t too keen on a mini-bus (like a Kia Carnival) or an SUV (like a Ford Territory), but when we had a look at the Rondo it ticked all the boxes.

Now the Falcon has been traded and Mandy gets around town in the brand new Kia.  I get a bit frustrated with all the modern features (has the human race become so lazy we can’t turn headlights or wipers on without an “auto-on” feature?), but that’s ok because Mandy will be behind the wheel mostly.

We’ve also treated ourselves to Essendon Bombers supporter number plates, just to be different.



RACV Great Australian Rally

Last Sunday I went along to the RACV Great Australian Car Rally.  This is an annual event where owners of classic and vintage cars meet at one of three start points around Melbourne, and then make their way to Mornington Race Course for the public to admire some fine automobiles.  The event raises money for the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, so it’s a worthwhile cause.

I went in about 2PM with my father and son, only to find some car owners starting to pack up, so we should have gone a bit earlier (a lesson for next year).  We still had an hour or so to wonder around, admire some classic cars, and (of course) take a few photos.

My favourite technique for photographing cars is to squat down to almost windscreen height, I think being just that little bit lower gives you a much better perspective.

You can see more of my photos from the RACV Great Australian Rally on my Flickr set by clicking HERE.

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