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Christmas Morning Family Photo

Christmas Morning Family Photo

SMJBK Yeo Family Photo Christmas Morning 2018

Christmas Morning Family Photo 

Even though our eldest son, Josh, is almost 19, he’s still with us and able to continue our tradition of a family photo on Christmas morning.  We started taking our family group photo in-front of the Christmas tree in 2010, when our youngest, Karla, was still an infant.  Back then, the boys were frustrated with the process (“hurry up Dad, we want to open the presents”), but now everyone knows we have to get dressed and take the family photo before any gifts are exchanged.  

I’ve even started filming the process.  As you can see in the Behind-The-Scenes video I made this year, we actually have a lot of fun posing in front of the tree, and getting our family photo just right.

Once the photo is taken, and the presents have been opened, I try to get the RAW picture edited and onto social media as soon as possible.  This year we were running a little late for a Christmas breakfast, so rather than importing the RAW file onto the computer and processing through Lightroom, I wirelessly brought the photos across to my phone and opened Instagram, applied a filter and uploaded to Insta and Facebook straight away.  I thought I would have had to re-edit the photo in Lightroom when we got home last night, but the Instagram photo turned out so well I didn’t need to do anything else.  Instagram re-saves a high resolution copy of the photo, with the filter applied, that I’ve since been able to also publish on Flickr and this blog.  The filters and performance of Instagram have certainly improved a lot over the past few years.

I’m not sure if Josh will still be living with us in 12 months time, so this may have been our last ever Christmas morning photo with all five of us together… and I’m really happy with how it turned out.

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2016 Christmas Family Photos

2016 Christmas Family Photos

Well that’s another Christmas done.  Thanks everyone for a great day!

Every year for a long time I’ve done a family photo in-front of the tree on Christmas morning.  This year I decided to take the family photos to the next level, and take group shots of everyone at the homes we visit during the day.  For 2016 we went to my wife’s sister for breakfast, and my sister for lunch.

Check out the gallery below for the three group family photos we did this Christmas.

Christmas morning family photo

Our traditional Christmas morning family photo in front of the tree

Our 2015 traditional Christmas morning family photo

At school recently Karla’s class was asked what Christmas traditions their families had.  Karla didn’t didn’t hesitate to nominate our family photo in front of the Christmas tree.  We’ve been doing these family photos for several years now, since I’ve really gotten into photography, so Karla hasn’t known a Christmas morning without the family photo!  It’s also a good way to get the kids dressed before they’re allowed to open any presents!This year we had a couple of guests staying with us, Lee and Steve from Scotland, so we had a second group photo with all of us (this time we closed the blind so it wasn’t so bright in the window behind us).
I don’t post much to our family blog much these days, but I do make sure the Christmas family photo is there every year.
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Our visitors from Scotland, Lee and Steve, joined us for a second family photo this Christmas