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Cloud game changer

I was very pleased to read on TechAU this morning that Microsoft’s One Drive (formerly Sky Drive) will be giving unlimited cloud storage to Office 365 customers – That’s Me!

This could be a game changer for data storage and off site back up.  It’s only a couple of years since I built a PC with multiple large hard-drives to store all my data, including thousands of photos.  To guard against loosing all this data to a disaster at home, I’m paying for a CrashPlan account to backup my computer off site.  For the practicality of online access to important files I juggle free cloud services such as Drop-Box, Google Drive and the existing One Drive.

As I’m already paying for an Office 365 subscription (to give the whole family the Microsoft Office suite), when One Drive goes unlimited all of those other services suddenly become obsolete.  I imagine this change from Microsoft will shake up the industry too, so it will be interesting to see what happens with the other cloud storage players out there.

The only thing that’s missing is high speed broadband upload speeds.  I already use One Drive to back-up my iPhone photos (Apple’s iCloud simply isn’t big enough), but those uploads can take a while – especially if there’s video files involved.  If we had the NBN, I’d be laughing!

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