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Hospital stay

I’ve just gotten back home from my second hospital stay this year.  In February I had an overnight stay at Casey Hospital, with a bowel blockage related to surgery I had in 2002.  While I was at Casey we found out they don’t have a Gastro ward, so when I had the same problem this week my wife took me straight to Dandenong Hospital.  This time I wasn’t allowed to go home for two nights.  It seems that this is actually a serious problem that will continue to re-occur unless I have surgery again, so even though I’m ok right now, in the coming weeks we’ll be planning for major surgery that will involve a much longer stay.  Maybe I’ll get a bed with a view.

The view from my hospital bed, a curtain and sink

View from my hospital bed, a curtain and sink

Update July 2016

I’ve now had the major abdominal surgery to fix up my insides,
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