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Another new WordPress Theme

Editing WordPress using the Divi Theme

Editing WordPress using the Divi Theme

If you’ve read some earlier post of mine, you may have seen that I’ve been experimenting with different WordPress Themes for this site.  I’ve had to make some back-end changes to my web host to allow larger theme files to be uploaded and give myself a crash course in this highly customisable Theme builder called Divi.  With previous themes I’ve had to install various plug-ins to get the site performing how I wanted, now with the Divi Builder I can edit almost every element on the screen.  I really like how the pages will scale to suite what-ever screen it’s on, I’ve made the site as wide as possible (1920px) to utilise modern widescreen monitors, but it still looks good on a smaller window, laptop, iPad or phone.

The theme even has a couple of options to put the site into “maintenance mode”, to show a basic landing page for visitors that explains I’m working on the site without them seeing anying weird while I played around with everything.  After working on the site, on and off, over this weekend I’m about to take down the maintenance page and make the rest of the site live again.  I don’t doubt there be some more tweeks to make as I learn about Divi, but I’m really excited about the new look.  Down the track I’ll look at doing something with my other sites, especially Vic Pics.

New look to my personal website and blog using the new WordPress Theme called Divi.

New look to my personal website and blog

NOTE: Just in case the Divi theme doesn’t workout, I’ve re-published the blog’s previous format (up to 4th April) at