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Stuff By Josh

Three years ago I started a blog for my 13 year old son, Josh.  Titled “Stuff By Josh”, my idea was that it would encourage him to write about whatever interested him.  He wasn’t doing too good with his English at school, he was more interested in playing video games like Minecraft, so I thought if we encouraged him to write about his games at least that would have him thinking about spelling, grammar and the composition of legible sentences.

Unfortunately, the Stuff By Josh blog didn’t last very long.  After just six posts, Josh lost all interest in blogging.  In a few days time the domain name I registered for the blog,, is expiring, so I’m simply going to let it go.  It would only be $12.50 to renew the domain through Crazy Domains, but as the log-in details are long forgotten there isn’t much point.

For the sake of archiving Josh’s work before it disappears, I’ve taken some screenshots for the gallery below.  (It can also be found in the Internet WayBack Machine.)

This post contains affiliate links to Crazy Domains.

My own short URL domain

It seems I have a strange obsession with internet domain names, I now own 15 of them.  It all started with our family domain in 2009, primarily for custom email addresses and then a family website.  Over the next few years I added a couple more domains and blogs.

When the domain industry started to allow new domain extensions (in addition to traditional dot-com and dot-net) I started to think about clever domain names that would make great web sites and even registered with the idea to make a website full of Victorian Pictures, and then for photos of the Victorian capital.

Somewhere along the line I also registered the domain you’re reading now ( for my personal ramblings.

Recently I started paying attention to the short URLs companies where using to Tweet links without using too many characters.  There’s,,,,,, and many more.  (I even laughed at who use for their Twitter links – both URLs have 12 characters!)  When I came across a programme called YOURLS – a free URL shortener available to be installed on my web host (Crazy Domains) – I got the idea to register my own short URL domain.  I now also own

I probably wont use my personal URL shortener too often, but it was an interesting (and geeky) project to set up.  You can read a little more at and

Here’s a couple of my own short URL links I’ve created that link to earlier blog posts;

Screenshot of my short URL domain in an IE address bar above the WordPress Dashboard

My personal short URL domain

Personal domain names

It’s amazing how many people there are in the world with the same name as me.  Search for “Simon Yeo” on Facebook and there are over 60 people registered with that name.  I’m glad I signed up to Twitter in the early days, with the user name @simonyeo, because now there are too many people to count with the same name and very similar user handles.

Last week Crazy Domains were running a discount promotion, so I took the opportunity to protect my online name.  I’ve registered and, both of which will simply redirect to this site (

Those two internet domain names cost me a whopping $8 – Bargain!

smiley by Simon Yeo

New Blog

Well here we are with my new “SimonSays” blog.

I’ve always liked the concept of blogs, allowing anyone to publish their ramblings to the world. I experimented a while back using both WordPress and Google’s Blogger ( Even though I usually didn’t have too much too say, using WordPress and then Blogger allowed me to learn about blogging and to choose a platform.

Recently I switched my primary email to Gmail, but signed up with Google apps to use a custom domain ( rather than . Having the new domain available, has now motivated me to start this new blog. I’m sticking with Blogger (mainly to keep as much of my online stuff within my Google account), but am obviously making a fresh start and not importing my old posts. Links to my old blogs are below. and


UPDATE 26 SEPTEMBER 2009: I’ve imported my old blog entries, so anything appearing below this post was originally posted on my earlier blog.

UPDATE 12 OCTOBER 2014: This blog post was originally posted to and imported to my new self hosted WordPress blog at in October 2014.