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Trucks I’ve Driven

UD semi crane truck

UD semi crane truck

While my personal photo site is mostly used for family photos these days, when I set it up a few years ago I intended to use it for all my photography.

Trucks I’ve Driven” is one of the galleries created within the site for photos of vehicles I drive for work.  Most of the pictures are just quick snaps with my iPhone, so there’s no stunning DSLR masterpieces in this gallery, but more of a personal record showing the types of trucks I’ve driven throughout my transport career.

Today I’ve updated the gallery with some more recent pictures of trucks I drive in my current job of delivering building products, mostly roof and rainwater products.

My “Trucks I’ve Driven” gallery can be seen at this link;
UPDATE Nov 2016: If the link above doesn’t work, try this archive link, or my dedicated Trucks I’ve Driven page on this site.
UPDATE Feb 2017: Now that the domain has expired, I’ve shut down my personal photo site. Older links will no longer work.
UPDATE Dec 2018: I’ve updated the Trucks I’ve Driven page with some photos from the job I’ve been at since mid 2017.