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MailChimp subscriptions

UPDATE 4 December 2016

I’ve decided MailChimp isn’t the mail subscription service I was looking for.
Instead, I’ve installed a WordPress plugin called “Email Subscribers & Newsletters“.
If you’d like to receive updates from this website blog, scroll down and complete the form in the Footer section.

Thank you.

MailChimp logo

I got a lot of positive feedback from my recent Hospital, Surgery and Recovery blog post, some people didn’t even know I had a blog until I shared that post on Facebook.  One person said I should share all my posts on Facebook, but I don’t want to spam everyones social media feeds with my ramblings.  I’m not really a big fan of Facebook anyway, so instead I’ve decided to add a subscription form to this blog, so people can sign up to get updates if they like.

I’ve been playing around with MailChimp today, one of the most popular web subscription and email marketing platforms.  It’s free for under 2000 subscribers, so it’s not going to cost anything to simply add to the footer of this site.  I can also add it separately to any blog post or page (like I have below).

Once I’ve got my head around how MailChimp works, I’ll probably add it to some of my other sites too, such as Vic Pics.

Meanwhile, If you’d like to get an update email whenever I publish another blog post, fill in the form below. See note above.