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Speedway bikes at Etihad Stadium

Speedway bikes at Etihad Stadium

Melbourne’s Etihad Stadium, at Docklands, is a great venue for AFL football.  It also hosts soccer, Big-Bash cricket, concerts and other major events.  My 13 year old son, and I, went along to see the Speedway GP at Etihad.  Yep, motorbike racing at an undercover sporting venue!  I was really surprised, obviously a mountain of dirt had to trucked in to transfer the stadium, but they did a really amazing job of creating this temporary dirt speedway circuit.

The Speedway Gran Prix is actually a series of short heat races and finals, so you don’t get bored like you can with longer motorsport races.  It’s loud too, I expected that from the bikes, but not from the crowd and their hooter horns.

As with other events at Etihad, the caterers make a killing, with two burgers, drinks and chips costing over $40.  But what the heck, it’s not like we do this everyday.  This was a great father-son evening out.

I didn’t want to deal with security by taking my good camera, so the photos and video you see here are from my iPhone.

Speedway GP bikes at Etihad Stadium Melbourne

Kick to Kick at Etihad

I took 12 year old Brad to the footy on the weekend at Etihad Stadium.  It was great to see Essendon get a win, and it’s also great that the AFL have re-introduced kick to kick on the ground after the match.  The smile on Brad’s face says it all!

Brad ended up loosing his football in the huge crowd on the ground, and I copped a couple of footys in the head, but it was good fun.  Well done AFL.

Brad enjoying kick to kick at Melbourne's Etihad Stadium after the AFL footy match

Brad enjoying kick to kick at Etihad