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Melbourne Aquarium with Karla

Karla on the train, heading to Melbourne Aquarium, December 2014

Karla on the train

I had a day out with my daughter yesterday!

Five year old Karla went on her first train ride to the city.  It was fascinating to watch her look out the window and watch the world go buy as she soaked up this new experience.  She would commentate for me on what she was seeing – bridges, cars, other trains, railway tracks and “ooh that was a bumpy bit”.

We were on our way to visit the Melbourne Sea Life Aquarium.  Karla had it all worked out – she wanted to see the penguins, but not the sharks or crocodiles!

Melbourne Aquarium

True to her word, once we were at the aquarium, Karla was fine with the little fish, wasn’t too sure about the bigger fish, but wanted nothing to do with the crocodile or sharks!

Karla at Melbourne Aquarium

Karla at Melbourne Aquarium

When we made our way to the final exhibit at aquarium, the penguins, I had a very excited five year old to contend with.  Karla was waving and talking to the penguins, she was walking waddling around like a penguin.

Watching the Penguins at Melbourne Aquarium with Karla.

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At the end of our visit, as we made our way through the gift shop, what souvenir did Karla ask to buy?  A penguin of course!

We both had a great day in the city visiting the Melbourne Aquarium, and I think we both had a snooze on the train as Metro took us home.

More pictures on my personal photo site HERE (archived here) and Vic.Pics.

Melbourne Sea Life Aquarium

Karla and Simon at Melbourne Aquarium

Visit for information about the attraction.