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Screenshot of my Flickr photostream page

Screenshot of my Flickr page

For many years I was in love with Flickr, the Yahoo! owned photo sharing site.  Uploading and sharing thousands of photos as my interest in photography grew (along with my children and photos of them).

During 2013 and 2014 Yahoo! made some horrible changes to the site, frustrating many long term users – including myself.  Eventually I gave up on Flickr late last year, I tried some alternatives but ended up creating my own photo site through SmugMug  – which intern led me to create Vic Pics.

This week Flickr have announced some major improvements to their service, so I might have to re-think my opinion of Flickr.  There’s certainly a great photography community on the site and some really, really good photographers show casing their work.  I may re-publish some of my Vic Pics photography onto Flickr with links back to the blog and gallery, which in turn might increase traffic to my sites.  Stay tuned!

screenshot of Flickr Blog announcing changes

Flickr Blog announcing changes


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Flickr Curated Connections

Back in April I had a little flutter with Stock Photography, but was put back in my place by Shutterstock when they rejected my initial submissions.

Today Flickr announced, on their blog, “Curated Connections: A new Flickr licensing experience” which sounds like their brand for Stock Photography, but they say it will be an easy and transparent way to earn money from your photos, so I’ve signed up!

I actually recently sold the rights to one photo to a US website who found me via Flickr, so I know the potential is there.  With 6,000 photos on Flickr, I’m very interested to see what “Curated Connections” will do for me.


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Camera Day–Flickr Blog

NOTE: Originally I published this post on my WebLinks blog, but it certainly also suits this photography blog you’re reading now.

I’m not sure why, but apparently it’s Camera Day!

Photo sharing site, Flickr, have written a detailed and interesting article on their bloghighlighting some of the most influential cameras in photography’s history…”

Check it out…

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Flickr V 500px

If you’ve read my early posts on this blog (from January this year), you may know that I used to love Flickr, and had uploaded 1000s of photos and enjoyed the online community of photographers from all walks of life.  However, in October last year, the site’s owners – Yahoo! – started making changes with their “New Photo Experience“, which in reality actually made it worse.  They were slow to act on user feedback, and slow to keep users up to date with the ongoing changes.  Even today it has been over a month since an update to users on the site’s (hard to find) forum.  They’ve made some recent upgrades to their mobile apps and blog, but users still get different Flickr experiences depending on their device, browser and language.

The mess Yahoo! made of Flickr drove me away in frustration, I tried the other major photo sharing site, 500px, but ended up going to SmugMug to make my own photo site.

Now I read on the 500px blog that they are making some major changes to their site too.  It’s going to be interesting to see how the 500px site evolves, it certainly wont be too hard for them to do a better job than Yahoo! is doing with Flickr.

The war of the photo sharing web sites is heating up.  I will be keeping an eye on both services, but will be concentrating on my own photo site, hosted by SmugMug, and blogging about my photography here on my photo blog.


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