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Truckies Chow Mein

Chow Mein and rice dinner from Euroa Shell roadhouse truckstop

Chow Mein and rice dinner from Euroa Shell

I was covering the afternoon shift Albury run again recently and stopped at the Euroa Shell Roadhouse / Truckstop for my compulsory logbook break and a quick dinner.

I was thinking of just a cheeseburger and coffee from Maccas, but when I walked through the truckies lounge one of the other food stores was open with a window just for truck drivers.  On top of their “specials” board was Chow Mein and Rice and I immediately did a Homer Simpson “Hmmmmmm…”.

Chow Mein was a favourite of mine as a kid, so I ordered the meal (and a coffee) expecting the usual take-away serving, but instead got a big dinner plate full.  The above low-light iPhone photo doesn’t do this meal justice, it was really nice and really filling!  Sure it cost about $10 more than a cheeseburger, but was well worth it.

You’ve gotta love a truck-stop dinner!

Kids footy and food over the years

Back in 2006, my oldest son was just six years old.  We were living in Narre Warren and Josh went to AFL AusKick at the local footy club.  Josh’s little brother, Brad, would come along and watch Josh have a kick, but he was too young to participate.  Sometimes we would all have a little kick together afterwards, and we would always have a hot meat pie to warm us up on those cold mornings before heading home.

2006 - Brad and Josh Yeo eating pies

2006 – Brad and Josh eating pies

Fast forward nine years and Josh has lost all interest in football, but Brad lives and breathes AFL.  We now live in Pakenham and Brad plays for the Under 12 (div3) team.

This week, Brad’s team played Narre Warren at their ground – the same ground Josh did AusKick on in 2006.  After today’s game, the boys sat on the same seat for an after game snack – just like the “old days”.  Not much has changed in nine years, except the boys are both much bigger, and they now have a little sister, but for me it was the same – enjoying a pie after junior football.

Brad, Karla and Josh Yeo at Narre Warren South after junior footy

Brad, Karla and Josh at Narre Warren South after junior footy


2009 to 2015, The same boys on the same seat, 9 years apart enjoying an Aussie snack. Their little sister joins them in the later shot.

2009 – 2015, The same boys on the same seat 9 years apart.

Lolly Jar

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugLooking around the house for a bit of photographic inspiration, I thought I’d get up nice and close to this lolly jar for a macro shot.  Sure it’s nothing to get excited about, but sometimes getting a different point of view to the everyday things around us can make a photo with a difference.

You can find this picture in the Miscellaneous Gallery on my Photo Site.