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We bought a house!

In my previous post about my cancer diagnosis, I said that I hoped to make a life insurance claim to help set-up the family for when I’m no longer around.  As difficult as these circumstances are, I’m very pleased that my life insurance has been paid out and we’ve bought a house.  We wrote about this on the family blog site, but it’s too exciting not to write about here on my personal site as well. 

new home

Our new home has five big bedrooms (so we now have a “spare” bedroom), a fire place, triple garage all on a good size block of land with a decent back yard.  After renting for 14 years, it’s finally good to have a place to call our own. 

We spent a week moving into our new home, mostly done with Mandy’s car, my work ute and a small trailer.  We only had to hire removalists for half a day to take the big stuff.  I vlogged a lot of the move with my phone and put together the below YouTube video to remember the occasion.  Once we’ve settled in, I’ll also record a house tour video and will add that below as well.