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Making videos with iMovie

Making videos with iMovie

Since moving from the Windows PC world over to Mac, with my new MacBook Pro, I’ve been on a learning curve as I find my way around the Apple operating system.  Overall using a Mac has been pretty easy.  Yes it’s different, but a quick Google search will tell me how to do something that doesn’t work the way it did in Windows.


This week I had to fire-up iMovie, the native Mac video editor, and I was expecting it to be hard to use.  Even though I haven’t done much video editing in the past, I have used Microsoft Movie Maker and Nero’s video editor, but was expecting iMovie to be difficult to learn.  I watched one short tutorial video on YouTube to get myself started and was then able to get stuck into making movies without too much trouble.

Karla’s videos

My daughter, 8 year old Karla, has an interest in videos.  Like many kids these days, she likes to watch videos on YouTube, but Karla wants to create videos too.  She pestered her mother and I for some time to be allowed her own YouTube channel, and around her seventh birthday we finally gave in.  I was able to create a seperate channel under my Google/YouTube account, so I’ve got complete control over what get’s published.

At this stage Karla is only interested in being in front of the camera (she’s too wobbly when holding the camera, and doesn’t yet have the computer skills for editing or uploading), so that means I’m now her personal camera operator, editor, producer and publisher.  At first we were just uploading single clips, but now we’ve progressed to some creative editing.

The first video I put together with iMovie was Karla’s potato science experiment last week.  Yesterday we made a video about the birthday presents from her Nana.  Today we’ve taken our home movies to the next level by including captions and background music in a video about our trip to the football.


It sounds like my daughter and I will be making more and more videos, so why not check out her YouTube channel (and maybe even subscribe).  Hopefully the videos will get better as I learn more about using Apple’s iMovie software.