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2018 filmed on my iPhone

2018 filmed on my iPhone

I was looking for a video project last weekend, and rather than going out and filming video, I decided to use footage I already had.  I thought it would be a great idea to grab every video clip on my iPhone filmed during 2018, add some copyright free music, and edit it all together into a short YouTube video.  So that’s exactly what I did, and it was actually pretty easy – there was no story to tell, just random clips thrown together to some music.

When I watched the video back though, I realised it needed an introduction, to explain why these non related clips were put together.  To continue the phone theme, I decided to film the intro on my phone too, which actually took longer than editing the main video.  I ended up filming in the doorway of my garage to get reasonable lighting (for the front facing camera) and to get away from household noise (TV, games, kids playing).

So here it is, 2018 as seen through the lens of my iPhone 8.  I like it because every clip is a memory for me to look back on, but hopefully it’s short enough to not bore everyone else.

iPhone 6S photos

I told you a few days ago, in my previous blog post, that I’d updated my phone to an Apple iPhone 6S.  In that post I promised a few test shots from the new phone, so here they are.  Scroll down for some of the iPhone photos I’ve taken this week.

Front facing camera, HDR shot.

Front facing camera, HDR shot. My daughter (wig and face paint) with me.


iPhone panorama, Flagstaff Hill Lookout.

iPhone panorama, Flagstaff Hill Lookout.


Rear camera close up - choc chip muffin

Rear camera close up – choc chip muffin


iPhone 6S

I Picked up my new mobile phone on the weekend, an iPhone 6S.  I have been using an iPhone 5S for two years, the new phone is bigger, so I was a little worried about fitting it in my pocket and comfortably holding it, but after a couple of days I’ve gotten used to it.  I remember thinking the same thing when I upgraded from the iPhone 4S, which seems teeny-tiny now!

The new phone is definitely faster, and the camera seems pretty good too.  I’ll post some test shots in a future blog post.

Apple’s silicone cover was a bit pricey at $55, but I guess it’s cheaper than replacing or repairing a dropped phone!

My new Apple iPhone 6S

My new Apple iPhone 6S


Old and new iPhones stacked up.

Old and new iPhones stacked up.

Quick iPhone sunset

Yes, it’s been a little while since I’ve written a blog post here, or even added any photos to my Photo Site.  I’ve had a big couple of weeks at work, most of it spent behind the wheel running up and down the Hume Highway between Melbourne and Albury.

The only chance I’ve had to take photos lately has only been quick snaps with my iPhone, such as this one below.  I managed to have a break during work at the Mokoan rest stop (near Winton) just in time to capture this sunset with my phone in HDR mode.

My work schedule should be back to normal now, so hopefully I’ll be able to get back behind the lens and produce some more DSLR photographs soon.

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