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Stuff By Josh

Three years ago I started a blog for my 13 year old son, Josh.  Titled “Stuff By Josh”, my idea was that it would encourage him to write about whatever interested him.  He wasn’t doing too good with his English at school, he was more interested in playing video games like Minecraft, so I thought if we encouraged him to write about his games at least that would have him thinking about spelling, grammar and the composition of legible sentences.

Unfortunately, the Stuff By Josh blog didn’t last very long.  After just six posts, Josh lost all interest in blogging.  In a few days time the domain name I registered for the blog,, is expiring, so I’m simply going to let it go.  It would only be $12.50 to renew the domain through Crazy Domains, but as the log-in details are long forgotten there isn’t much point.

For the sake of archiving Josh’s work before it disappears, I’ve taken some screenshots for the gallery below.  (It can also be found in the Internet WayBack Machine.)

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