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Goodbye Nikon

In June 2011 my photography moved from point and shoot to DSLR when we purchased a Nikon D5100 dual lens kit.  Today I’ve sold the Nikon gear to complete my transition to the Olympus OM-D mirrorless system.

I had planned to put the Nikon, 4 lenses and various accessories on eBay, but thought I’d post a picture of all the gear to Facebook asking if anyone would like to make an offer.  Within an hour the gear was sold to an ex-neighbor who I’d forgotten had an interest in photography.  Back in 2007 we tried to photograph Comet McNaught together, she had her film camera and I had the little point and shoot.  Now she’s finally bought her first DSLR from me, so I’m happy the Nikon gear is going to a good home.

Nikon D5100 with lenses for sale

Nikon D5100 with lenses for sale

As a post-script, when I posted the above photo of my Nikon gear to my Flickr account, it quickly became popular, racking up over 8000 views and 100 faves.
I shouldn’t be surprised though, some of my highest view counts on Flickr have actually been photos of my camera.