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Josh the Learner Driver

My eldest son turned 16 this week, and with a bit of encouragement from Mum and Dad, he studied the Vic Roads book and got his Learners Permit.  When I was driving Josh out to the Warragul Vic Roads to take his test I was asking him about the various things in the car and was really surprised to find out that he had no idea.  He didn’t know which pedal was which or what they did.  My parental role as a driving instructor was really going to start from scratch!

For his first drive we went down to the industrial estate at around 7pm, so there was hardly any other traffic.  My car has a manual transmission, so my first challenge was to explain the clutch pedal and gears.  Josh actually did better than I expected, but he did stall the motor a few times and got stuck trying to start in 3rd gear when we thought he had it in 1st.

These days we need to keep a log book of time and kilometres spent learning, so I was surprised to work out that Josh drove 6km around the industrial estate in that first hour lesson.  Hopefully the nerves of his mother and I will survive the next two years as he logs at least 120 hours of learning before going for a probationary licence after he turns 18.

Joshua Yeo Learner Driver with his L plates after his first driving lesson

Josh with his L plates

SmugMug Academy

If you’ve been following this Photo Blog, or my Photo Site, you may have read that when Yahoo! started making drastic changes to Flickr, I started to look around for somewhere else to share my photography.  I experimented with a few different services and settled on Blogger for this blog and SmugMug for my Photo Site.

I’d been running a few other blogs with Blogger for a while, so it was pretty easy to set up this blog.  SmugMug however, involved a pretty steep learning curve, and it’s been a work in progress ever since.  I’d been helped by some of their YouTube tutorials, but I recently found the SmugMug Academy with many tips, not only about managing your SmugMug site, but about photography in general.

If you have your own SmugMug site, check out the SmugMug Academy…

One of the tips I wish I’d found earlier was “How to Make a Photo Blog” using SmugMug.  It didn’t even cross my mind that a blog would be possible on the photo hosting and sharing service that is SmugMug, but it seems it would have been easier with the blog incorporated with my photo site.  The only minor drawback would have been no separate domain names for the blog and photo site, like I do now.  Never mind, I’ll keep this Blogger blog going, and continue to experiment with content in my SmugMug Photo Site, maybe try some mini-blogs to add commentary to a series of photos.  I’ll be sure to let you know when I do, here on my Photo Blog.

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SmugMug Academy