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Bulldog Mack iPhone macro

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugHere’s another iPhone shot from my work. 

I was driving a different truck today and noticed someone had dressed up the Bulldog Mack on the hood in blue with a red superhero cape.  As I drove, the cape flapped in the wind like Superman!

When I was back in the yard at the end of the day I snapped this iPhone (macro HDR) shot.


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Lolly Jar

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugLooking around the house for a bit of photographic inspiration, I thought I’d get up nice and close to this lolly jar for a macro shot.  Sure it’s nothing to get excited about, but sometimes getting a different point of view to the everyday things around us can make a photo with a difference.

You can find this picture in the Miscellaneous Gallery on my Photo Site.

Foxtel Installation

I’ve mentioned a couple of times in this blog that I like to take pictures of technology and gadgets.  Whether its a new camera, lens, smart phone, home entertainment gear, or documenting computer builds, good macro photography can show off the design beauty of today’s modern technology.  Foxtel remote control

In-fact, I’ve got a dedicated folder on my photo site for this type of photography –

Yesterday we had Foxtel pay TV installed in our house.  The professionalism (and courtesy) of the installers was not up to the standard I would have expected, so as I was tidying up their work I had the DSLR handy to snap a few pics of our new gear.
Cables going into the back of the Foxtel box, note the two antenna leads from the satelite dish required for HD reception.

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15th aniversary gift from my wife.This week was my 15th wedding anniversary and my lovely wife, Mandy, gave me a traditional fob-watch.  I love taking photos of any new gadgets I get my hands on, and this watch was no exception, so I screwed on the macro lens and started snapping.  I also took the opportunity to dig out my father’s old wrist watch and my grandfather’s fob-watch for some close up pics as well.

You can see the end results here…

15th aniversary gift from my wife.

My Grandfather's watch.This was a gift to my Father on his 18th birthday.


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