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Motel Kettle

From time to time I need to stay in regional motels for work and it surprises me the differences you can find in budget motels in the country.  Some are really nice, others are… budget.  One common problem I have almost everywhere I stay is making a coffee!  I can deal with having a limited number of those little UHT milk containers, instead of fresh milk, but when I cant fill the jug or kettle to boil the water I just cant believe it.

The problem is a regular size cheapo kettle that simply wont fit under the tap in the little basin you find in motel bathrooms.  You might be able to put the kettle on an angle and get half a cup in before the water starts overflowing.  If you want to actually fill the kettle, you have no choice but to use the shower!  That was the case in the budget motel I stayed at in Hamilton this week, which is where I took these photos.

Motel owners should actually try to use the facilities in their rooms!  I have come across one motel that provided a small kettle, it only held about 3 cups worth of water, but you could easily place it under the tap.  A few weeks ago I stayed at the Siesta Central Apartments in Sale which had a big basin with a high tap – perfect.