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Change to simple slugs

Whether you call it the "slug", "permalink" or "URL" the web address can get a bit messy and complicated, depending on your WordPress settings, so I've cleaned things up little for my personal website and blog.  Traditionally, for various reasons, the URL web address would include a date element, such as the year and month of publication, and often a category element as well.

Traditional URL permalink slug showing blog category and date elements

All that extra information in the address bar isn't necessary these days, so I've decided to keep it simple.  Now all you will see when looking at a single post on this site is the blog title.

The new look simple slug permalink, showing just the post title after the domain name.

Having made the changes to my permalink slug settings, I need to look after any links to my site that use the old URL format, so I've installed a WordPress PlugIn called "Change Permalink Helper" which will automatically re-direct visitors to the new format address.

Screenshot of the Change Permalink Helper WordPress PlugIn