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iPhone 6S

I Picked up my new mobile phone on the weekend, an iPhone 6S.  I have been using an iPhone 5S for two years, the new phone is bigger, so I was a little worried about fitting it in my pocket and comfortably holding it, but after a couple of days I’ve gotten used to it.  I remember thinking the same thing when I upgraded from the iPhone 4S, which seems teeny-tiny now!

The new phone is definitely faster, and the camera seems pretty good too.  I’ll post some test shots in a future blog post.

Apple’s silicone cover was a bit pricey at $55, but I guess it’s cheaper than replacing or repairing a dropped phone!

My new Apple iPhone 6S

My new Apple iPhone 6S


Old and new iPhones stacked up.

Old and new iPhones stacked up.


It might sound geeky, but Mandy and I have just upgraded out mobiles to the Apple iPhone 3GS.


We’re still finding, and experimenting with all the apps available on iTunes, and learning how to drive the phones them selves, but overall we reckon the iPhone is pretty cool.

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